Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009)

So our King of Pop died today... (-__- )

Michael Jackson's influence was without border. From inmates at CPDRC in Philipines to waiters at a wedding banquet to Final Fantasy to Indians, few stars had such a big impact to the music industry, no, to the entire world. He was truly a legend...

I went to the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center and took some pictures:

People started gathering in
the afternoon

Lots of people at the
UCLA Medical Plaza

ABC7 Eyewitness News

Of course, NBC

Traffic was so heavy because
of the crowd

People walked toward the Ronald
Reagan Medical Center

Right outside of the main entrance of
the Ronald Reagan Medical Center

Four helicopters reporting the

Some reporters were trying to
get inside via the side door

KCAL9 News

A cute little MJ

Either the woman or the guy
(V sign in the photo) made the word
"Michael" with flowers

Two black men who lead the crowd
for a parade were interviewed by
some reporter

It was 9 pm something and people
still didn't want to leave

This guy has been holding this posture
for at least 5 hours (see the flower "Michael"
photo above)

Fans left candles and flowers for
Michael outside of the hospital

For the one last time, goodbye Michael...

P.S. Two videos that I took at the UCLA Medical Plaza with fans singing Michael's songs:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt

I always believe that violence is never a solution when there're conflicts among people, races, religions or countries. Yet, quite a lot of people in this world resort to violence and it only fosters hatred among people generation after generation (I've been hearing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since I was a kid).

Although I believe that many people share my view on this issue, I was moved when I heard that Obama expressed the same opinion.

It's one thing to believe in something. It's another thing when the commander-in-chief also shares the same belief.

As capable as the citizens of a country are, people need a leader to lead the country in the right direction; Obama is doing that now.

In an old post I conservatively claimed that Obama is the right choice because he has a smaller chance of screwing up compared to McCain/Palin. Now, I start to believe that he really is the right choice as the President of the United States, which is a role that has tremendous impact not only in America but the entire world.

President Obama, thank you for being very hard-working. Thank you for making the government a lot more transparent. Thank you for including capable people in your administration regardless of their races, backgrounds and political parties. And, last but not least, thank you for making an effort to lead us to a more peaceful world.

Please stay healthy and don't tire yourself out (play some basketball regularly!) . May God bless you :)