Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Friends who talk to you ONLY when they need help

Do you have friends who talk to you only when they need help? Unfortunately, I do.

I never really had this experience before graduating from college. When you're young, you friends usually call you up to have fun together: watch movie, play sports, eating, hanging out, whatever.

After starting my career, I begin to notice that some people only contact me when they need certain kind of help. As soon as they discover that there's no way to gain any benefit from me, they'll stop talking to me, so suddenly that as if they intend to let me know that I'm of no value to them anymore.

Does society encourage this kind of thoughts for working professionals? If not, how come I never saw people like that when I was small?

I mean, even if you have such thought of only interacting with people who can help you in certain ways, would you make it a little bit less obvious?

Maybe that's the way the "professional" world works.

Maybe I'm still not "mature" enough to accept this as the norm of socializing (-____- )


  1. yup, I definitely have friends like these. Unfortunately one was my best friend since high school, and we have now almost completely lost contact because I do not want to be called only when she wanted something from me.

  2. Yeah so I'm not the only one who has this experience.. I'm always wondering if they know that their intentions are so obvious. If they know, do they just don't care or they think that it doesn't cause them any harm? Don't know.. (O___O )

  3. I have some hi-bye friends like these too. I just don't bother to help whenever they called.

  4. I see.. Yeah probably the only way to deal with those people..

  5. welcome to reality. You didn't notice it when you were younger maybe because people had nothing to gain from you so you weren't approached by such people.

  6. yun: Yeah I think that's probably the reason.. That's why I really cherish the friends whom I know when I was still in school; everybody was just less "sophisticated" then.. :P

  7. It is very common to have friend like this. I also have these kinds of friends. I will think in this way, why upset with someone who make use of me. Hope it help

  8. Stephen: Hehe that's true.. Maybe I should just ignore people like that :P

    Wow, I think this post is one of my posts that generates the most comments. Didn't know that there're so many people like that in this world!


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