Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friends whom you can bullshit with

"Hey, what're you doing dumbass?"

"Nothing much, just talking to an idiot at this moment."

"Which idiot? Me?? You stupid asshole!"

"Hey let's go kick some ass man."

"Go kick your ass?"

"No moron let's do something fun."

"Chatting with a dunce is fun enough."

"Which dunce? Me?? You xxxx!"

And the bullshit goes on and on between my friend and me. Usually it results in nothing meaningful. I enjoy it though, which conflicts with my result-oriented thinking a lot. Perhaps that's another side of me, I'm enthusiastic in retarded and meaningless things like Beavis & Butthead.

But, seriously, how many friends can you still bullshit with now?

When I was in high school or even college, I had quite some friends like that. After I started working, my "bullshit" friends began to disappear. No, they didn't die, they just became more serious. Some became more serious because of religion, some became more serious because of the need to work for a better living, for their families, for their loved ones.

To be honest, I haven't known any new "bullshit" friend for a loooonnnng time. And, in the foreseeable future, I don't expect to meet many of them, if not none. The "bullshit" friends I still have now? Countable with one hand.

Yeah, they are the only people who give me zero pressure. Only when they're around, I would dare be the ultimate Great Cornholio.

My dear "bullshit" friends, would you never grow up and be a dolt like me? I wish that I can still call you up and go kick some old asses in my 70's (*__* )

Afterthoughts: I'm so glad and kind of amazed to see that some people would spend so much time to write a lengthy and detailed Wikipedia article about the Great Cornholio; after all, there're still people who like retarded things like me :)

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