Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Three Ninety Nine

One day, I was walking on Rodeo Drive and saw this nice little key chain at the elegant Prada store. I asked the salesman how much it is and he told me

"It's three ninety nine sir."

I thought to myself

"Wow, $3.99? I can't believe there's such a good deal here. This is Prada on Rodeo Drive man!"

After taking a few more looks at it, I decided to buy it.

"Yes, I would like to take..."

While the words were almost out of my mouth, I suddenly realized that he actually meant $399, not $3.99!!

"You would like to take it sir?"

"Oh no... I mean... I mean I would like to take a 'more detailed' look at it.."

"Sure, please take your time."

Of course, I didn't buy it after my "detailed look". Alas, Rodeo Drive isn't for me (O____O )


  1. Wahahahaha!!!


  2. yun: Hmmmm... It's a real experience...


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