Saturday, August 2, 2008

The most dramatic scene in The Pianist

This is the most dramatic scene in The Pianist. Despite the cruelness of the Nazi, Captain Wilm Hosenfeld helped Wladyslaw Szpilman while it was dangerous for him to do so as a German. Naive as I may be, I don't believe human beings are born to be evils...


  1. "The Pianist" is one of my favorite movies, and undoubtedly this was the most touching scene (where he was playing the piano and the light was shining into the room... cinematographically that was also brilliant. ) in the movie. I remember I started to cry hysterically when he started to play the piano.

    (I couldn't watch this again... tears started to build up as soon he started to play the piano.)

    > Naive as I may be, I don't believe human beings are born to be evils...

    I used to think that all men were born good... but I started to doubt that couple years ago. Let's just say that, all human beings are capable of becoming the devil...

  2. Yun: Yes "The Pianist" also is one of my all-time favorite movies.

    Wladyslaw probably didn't imagine that he could play piano again because even his own survival was in doubt. When he saw Wilm, he probably thought that he was going to die after all the struggles, and, ironically, Wilm protected him from the Nazi and he survived.

    I believe that, given proper nurturing and education, very few people will become criminals. That's why I'm always surprised that people aren't forced to take parenting lessons and learn how they should raise their kids. I know, you can always learn it yourselves, but people are lazy in general.. That'd be another big topic write about :)


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