Thursday, September 24, 2009

Los Angeles to Tokyo the Kayaking Way

Two years ago, I wrote about how Google Maps instructs you to swim across the Atlantic Ocean when you search for directions between Los Angeles and Paris. Apparently, Google Maps has been improved by the Google engineers since then: I just search for directions between Los Angeles and Tokyo and it tells me to kayak across the Pacific Ocean:

For some reason, Google Maps thinks that I should travel to Seattle first before throwing myself into the kayak. Maybe kayaking is prohibited on the beaches of Los Angeles? (-.-)

Not only is kayaking "less tiring" than swimming but Google Maps is thoughtful enough to advise me to visit Hawaii on the way. I can have a good rest (anyone needs a rest after 2756 miles of kayaking) and some fun there!

And, after another 3879 miles of kayaking, we're finally entering Japan. Do I need to show my passport if I land this way? :)

For some reason, it can't find directions between Los Angeles and Paris now

Maybe the Atlantic Ocean isn't that safe to swim across now? :P

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