Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Katie! :)

Went to Cheesecake Factory last night to celebrate Katie's birthday. The wait was long (expect a two-hour wait at a Saturday night) but their service was just exceptional. Here was the Godiva Cheesecake we ordered

As most of our friends know, both Katie and me eat very little, so we couldn't finish the cheesecake. The server packed it for us and this morning we figured that she wrote another happy birthday greeting to Katie on the to-go box (although she misspelled Katie's name as "Kate")
I was pretty impressed by this little thing that she did, considering the fact that the restaurant was completely full of patrons and all the server were busy like hell. To the waiters and waitresses at most Chinese restaurants: something you may want to learn here. Try your best at what you do and people will notice the heart and hard work you've put into your job.

And, most importantly, wish you a Happy Birthday Katie! (^___^ )

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