Thursday, June 28, 2007

Busy is just NOT an excuse for being irresponsible

Have you ever asked somebody to do something for you (and you know that it's his/her job) and s/he said that s/he (alright, when I say he and his, I mean s/he and his/her) is too busy and gave you no idea when he will do it? I have, zillions times before, and I'm so upset about it.

Alright, please listen...

Who the heck is not busy in this world??

All people are busy with their own priorities. Okay, I've no problem with it. I have no right or intention to judge whether something is important to a person. After all, it's very likely that I don't see the reality.


That doesn't mean that one can use busy as an excuse and expect people to shut up! At least, one should take some time to read the request and tell the person who asks for help when the task is going to get done. Why don't people do that? Two reasons that I can think of:
  • They can't predict how long their tasks take
  • They're irresponsible assholes and don't want to make promises
For the first reason, I can still accept it if the task is very complicated (I've had a hard time when my ex-manager asked me when I can get an entire commercial software project done). From what I've seen, however, people are usually just irresponsible or afraid to make promises.

Just like I mentioned that not planning your life can have an aversive chained effect on others, not letting people know when you can get something done produces similar results. If it takes 5 days for you to get the task done, I'll put my focus on something else for these 5 days instead of continuously reminding myself to follow up.

Come on, it's okay not to do the task now but please just tell me when you're going to do it. Period.

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