Friday, September 28, 2007

Caneling a concert because of bad ticket sales?

Not sure if it's just rumor, quite a good deal of people told me that the Twins concert was canceled because of bad ticket sales. If this is the truth, I'll be so disappointed and it doesn't quite make sense to me.

Yes, they probably have saved quite a bunch of money by canceling the concert. Shrine Auditorium probably still charged them some fee (they canceled only around one week before the concert, don't tell me that you can get away without paying anything), the money they lost for not bringing the whole crew here (airplane tickets, hotel, food, etc) could still be less than holding the concert and getting the "little amount" of money from ticket sales. In other words, they lost lesser money by canceling the concert.

However, there's also intangible cost of canceling the concert: people lose trust in them. Will you hesitate a bit before buying their concert tickets next time? I bet you will. The thing that pisses me off is that no one ever officially announces the reason of the cancellation. And you know what, their official website at EEGmusic still shows the ad of the concert as if it hasn't been canceled at all. This is just so unprofessional.

I once heard a singer saying that "As long as there's still one person in the audience, I'll continue to perform". This is an truly admirable and professional act; the question is, how many artists do NOT think that it's BS? Cash is the king, right? (sigh)

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