Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Now you can get a email address

I suppose that most of you guys don't really like Microsoft's email service but in case you care you can get an email address ending with from the following page now:

You can also link your other Windows Live IDs (,, to one Windows Live ID so that you can access the services provided by those IDs once you sign into that Windows Live ID. Or, better yet, you can forward all the emails of the other Windows Live IDs to one email so that you don't have to jump around to check emails.

Yeah I still like Gmail a lot better but the domain is pretty clean and appealing to me :)


  1. I got mine earlier this week! my names were still available~ woohoo~

  2. Talking about Windows live, i must say i don't like the live messenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 冬冬: Hehe I supposed you got :)

    hanamaru: Oh really? I think most of the people use Live Messenger now, especially girls since they like all those cute emoticons :P

  4. I have no idea what Live Messenger is... (I like to stay away from MS as much I could... is it MS?!) MSN?? Their emoticons are very ugly!!

    YIM has a lot of cute emoticons! :)

  5. Hehe yeah Live Messenger is the new name of MSN. You think that their emoticons are ugly? Lots of my female friends like them very much!

    Don't really have chance to play YIM since almost none of my friends use it.. :P

  6. Yes, very ugly. I don't like them. Haha!


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