Sunday, January 13, 2008

Old friends are more genuine people?

From time to time I hear about people saying that old friends are more genuine so you should cherish the friends you have been known for long. I do love my old friends and feel blessed that I can still keep in touch with them after so many years.

Recently, a simple idea came to me and it helps explain why you feel that old friends are more genuine: not because they're more genuine people but that you're also treating them genuinely.

In other words, your genuineness brings up their genuine side. When you try to protect yourself by building a shell around yourself, people around you can feel it and thus they'll act the same way.

So, next time you say that some people aren't that friendly or phony, ask yourself: are you being unfriendly or phony to them too? I bet you're and if you care, someone will have take the first step by opening him/herself up :)


  1. Alex, I disagree. Some people just aren't capable of being genuine. It's not the matter of "old" or "new." But it just that, when we were younger, we have more time to develop the friendship so it's easier to keep.

  2. yun: I agree that some people are hopeless (that is, they just can't be genuine in any way). However, that's more of an extreme case. I believe that most people have their good sides; it's a matter of how we can bring their good sides to the surface.

    And yeah I think that the time you spend with your friends definitely has a positive influence on the friendship. People just don't have as much time after they start working.. :P


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