Thursday, February 19, 2009

Give me an iPhone with no Internet

I'm not sure how big this market niche is but at least I'm in it: Give me an iPhone with no Internet.

It's a hassle for me to carry both my cell phone and iPod. So, I would like everything an iPod classic can do to be integrated with my cell phone. Yes, iPhone can do that, but it's also doing many other stuff that I don't need:
  • Email (I only check emails at home and office)
  • Internet (Likewise, I don't need access to the web on the street)
  • 3G (If I don't need Internet, of course I don't need 3G)
  • Maps with GPS (GPS itself is of little to no value to me as I rarely travel)
  • Camera (My digital camera can do a better job)
  • Touch-screen (I still prefer the touch of the number pad)
In other words, I only need to talk and listen to music and audible books on my cell phone. Eliminate all the other fancy stuff and make the phone and carrier plans cheaper. The cost of the current iPhone is just still too much for what it's worth to me.

Does anyone else has the same needs like me? I hope that I'm not that weird.

Apple, if you can do that, you got my business :)


  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    May be it is just the expensive data plan that is bugging you (me too)?

    Try moving to HK then. :) (I know, not a solution) But is nice to know that in HK, so many malls and hotels have FREE Wifi hotspot so my friend was able to use her iPodTouch to upload stuff and browse web. Cool hey?!

    Now, in Canada (and I suppose some US cities), it cost an arm and a leg to do data.

  2. 加燦: Yeah buying the iPhone is just a one-time cost but the data plan, gosh, you need to pay for something that you don't use every month.

    Didn't know that Hong Kong has lots of free Wifi hotspots. I think they can do that because Hong Kong is small city and very populated :)


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