Monday, September 9, 2013

When Little Prince meets the Labeler

Little Prince arrived at a planet where the Labeler lives:

Little Prince: "Hi how are you?"
Labeler: "Label yourself."
Little Prince: "What do you mean by labeling myself?"
Labeler: "I am the Labeler. I only understand things that have a label."
Little Prince: "I don't know what my label is but I came from the planet B612."
Labeler: "Planet B612.. Yes I understand B612, that's a label and I understand."
Little Prince: "How would you understand my planet? You have been to my planet? Do you know how my flower is now? I'm worried about her."
Labeler: "No I haven't. And I do not know how your flower is now. But I know I understand planet B612. I can look up all its fact in my books and tell you exactly what its diameter is. I do not understand you though because you do not have a label."
Little Prince: "If you do not understand me, how are we talking now?"

Little Prince left in frustration and thought to himself: "Adults are really really weird."