Sunday, July 1, 2007

Buy 1 Smoothie get 1 Free at Jamba Juice

Got this link from my friend on Friendster:

Just give them your first name, email and zip code and you'll see the coupon page. Buy any one smoothie of any size and get the second one free for any other flavor of the same size or smaller. Offer expires on July 4th. Maybe you can get two smoothies and watch fireworks with your lover that night :)

Updated: HanaMaru sent me the direct link to the coupon page:

Thannk you HanaMaru! :)


  1. Cool! Definately gonna get one before its expired! hahaha...thanks for the info!


    btw, this's the coupon page, without entering information.

  3. Oh thanks for the direct link to the coupon page hanamaru :)


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