Saturday, March 3, 2007

Bad Ad - Part I

Sometimes I really don't understand what's going on in the minds of the people who design and market advertisement. Quite a number of ads/ways that they use to market their ads are not only ineffective but annoying. I always think that there must be trust between a customer and a seller for business to happen. Bad ads actually destroy trust, let alone building it.

Spam email

Whenever I see a spam email somehow manages to creep through the spam filter and get into my inbox, I'll mark it as spam and remove it at top speed, usually within 2 to 3 seconds. There's no way I'll ever read their content. Yeah I do have to skim the email title to tell that it's a spam, but usually this won't make me remember its product/service name. Even if I do remember its product/service name, there's no way I'll ever do any business with them just because their unprofessional act (sending spam).

Some friend told me that spammers still spam people's email accounts because spamming is very cheap. Even if a few of the "victims" do business with them, it'll compensate the cost of spamming. If this is true, that's very sad. Just because a few dorks decide to do business with the spammers all people in this world have to be annoyed by spam everyday. Come on guys, why the heck can you trust spammers? If you don't trust them, how can you give them your money?

Because of this post, I actually took a look at what those spam emails are selling. Here's what I found:
  • Viagra
  • Viagra
  • Viagra
  • Viagra
  • Some-stock-will-go-up news
I just can't imagine any human being will dare buying drugs online from complete strangers, and I also can't imagine any human being will trust that some stock price really will go up because some complete strangers say so. Or these ads are targeted for mentally retarded in the first place?? If that's the case, the spammers are actually targeting people who're mentally retarded enough to buy drugs from strangers but not so mentally retarded that they don't know how to use electronic mail. How ridiculous does that sound?

To all spammers: in case you don't know, many email services such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail are capable of filtering 99% of the spam. If you've time to figure out how to get around the spam filters, why don't you use your time doing some meaningful stuff, such as improving your products/services (if you actually have one) or using some other advertising means such as having a healthy and updated blog? (If you've problem finding an example, look at the blog at 37signals)

If you choose to continue spamming, may God damn you :)

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