Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Would you wash your hands?

The restroom near my office has two doors. There's a big trash can inside the inner door. The door you see in the picture is the outer door and there's another small trash can besides it.

"Why do we need two trash cans? We can just throw the paper towel in the big trash can inside!"

Why? The reason is that...

Many men don't wash their hands after going to restroom!! (I'm not sure about women since I don't go to their restrooms :P)

Because of that, people prefer to turn the full-of-germs door handle with the paper towel covering their hands. That's why we need another small trash can between the inner door and the outer door for us to throw the paper towel in after turning the door handle.

Yes! I did, many times, see some men going straight out of the restroom without washing their hands (sometimes even without flushing the toilet, yuck!) And this is not mainland China; this is all happenning in one of the most famous universities in the US, with supposingly "highly educated" people.

Guys, you're not kids. Would you flush the toilet and wash your hands after going to restroom? (O__O )


  1. Just so you know, many women(american, that's what i have seen) don't wash their hands after going to the restroom either. Don't be surprise!

  2. hanamaru: Wow I didn't know that. I always think that women are "cleaner" than men :P

  3. I know this after I see some people do this

  4. Wow people do that at the medical school too? :P


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