Saturday, December 15, 2007

Care to say hi?

Have you ever met a "friend" (someone whom you talked to before) and s/he tried to avoid any eye contact with you or say hi to you? In other words, s/he treated you as if you were invisible. I have, and I find that hard to understand.

I mean, we're all adults, and even if you hate someone so much, would you still show some basic kind of politeness? Honestly, I've never hated someone so much that I don't even want to say hi to him/her.

Or am I being phony for saying hi to people whom I don't really like? Educate me if you don't agree.. (~___~ )


  1. It's not about hating someone in my case. It's just about meeting a hi-bye friend or friends i have not seen for a freaking long time (let's say 10 years or more), and found out that they can't recognize me at all even after i told them the memories we shared, yet have to pretend that they remembered? The feeling is just....awkward.

  2. hanamaru: I see... Yeah your case is different. For my case, my "friend" clearly recognized me but just tried to treat me as invisible. I just felt that even I'm hated, a simple hi/bye wouldn't hurt so much. It's some basic politeness to me.


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