Saturday, October 25, 2008

Okay I was wrong....

After seeing Tina Fey's hilarious imitation of Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric (the real one is here),

I admitted that it is, after all, not that difficult to choose the right president (as opposed in my previous post). Well, given a "not so smart" candidate and a regular candidate, who will you choose? Perhaps Palin's greatest contribution in this presidential election is to make it super easy for the US people to make an obvious choice :P


  1. well in HK we're just another group of poor people, so here people just don't respect poor people in general and not only engineers. and speak of those bankers... I think for the past several years they don't respect anyone else.

    and also I would say Engineers in HK is not respected and not paid well because.. the fact is we're not good. Here we don't have enough experience and exposure to these technology even compared to China, and thus the investors and top management didn't see the point of paying much more to hire engineers, and thus the good engineers left to other industries such as the financial sector, which also makes our industry losing more talents and being more incompetent, and as a result confirmed that the investor is right that investing to a bunch of poor quality engineers wouldn't make a good business.... okay... sorry I'm not quite organized but that should describe the picture..

  2. 鎚: I can totally understand the problem of the values average Hong Kong people have. As 施永青 pointed out in his post 退休計劃被迫延後, many new Hong Kong graduates just want to get a super-high-paying job and retire at age 40. This is s very sad life philosophy.

    I guess Hong Kong is like NYC somehow. Paul Graham said:

    "Power matters in New York too of course, but New York is pretty impressed by a billion dollars even if you merely inherited it."

    So just being wealthy automatically makes you someone admirable in NYC, or, Hong Kong. You can tell that by the sheer number of pages those Hong Kong magazine spend on reporting the luxury lives of the 2nd generation billionaires.

    People may think that we're just being jealous of the wealthy people. No, really not. The reason we care is that people's values will actually affect the general well-being of economy of that city/country.

    If you can get paid crazy amount of bonus and respect just by inventing new types of financial securities that no one understand and bring no benefit to society, why would you spend time building a search engine better than Yahoo! and thus changing the world?

    I hope our next generation will not have values like that...

  3. and it's like with each of her "secrets" messy expense reports as governor, censorship of library, abusing power to fire someone over personal matters, 150000 wardrobe...these countless little things just turned her super pale as a qualified candidate. yes, she's contributing to the maccain ticket by asking american citizens to vote for the other ticket!!

  4. Wow she has that many other "secrets"? I didn't even know that. The thing is, her interview with Katie Couric is enough evidence for me to not to vote for her :P


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