Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gmail Tree theme adds water droplets when it rains heavily

It's raining so heavily now and my Gmail Tree theme changes its look:

For a second I thought that those are real water droplets on my screen since they weren't there when it started raining (the water droplets appeared when it changes from drizzle to rainstorm while the raining background was already there when the rain started).

I like little touches like this :)


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Same thing with snow, it was a winter wonderland in my GMail the other day. (I live in Canada)

  2. Hehe I see.. I guess I've to changed my zip code to see the snowing background though :P

  3. hey thanks for telling me which one did the weather or i would've never known =]

  4. crissy kay: Oh I didn't know who do the weather thing, probably some Google engineer :P

  5. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I was wondering why that theme required my location. Originally I thought the background would change to night when it got late, but this is even cooler.

  6. James: Yeah I wondered about that too. I think your idea of day and night themes is good too! Google should implement that :P

  7. hey, thanks for posting this. lately i was google-searching for that rain-theme because i couldn't find it in my themes in gmail. [ i was wondering that time it rained hard in our place, and the theme changed.

    i asked myself: ui? did i change my theme? maybe i did. but didn't remember at all.ahahha]

    Thanks a lot huh.

  8. cheyenne: You're welcome! Hope that Google can come out with more themes like this :)

  9. Alexis12:30 PM

    Cool theme. I use something similar but for my browser. It tells the forecast and changes design with what the weather is doing outside. So cool. http://gallery.brandthunder.com/en-US/theme/weather


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