Thursday, January 22, 2009

16 things about me

My friend Alfred on Facebook tagged me in his "16" note so I'm writing 16 things about me in this post. See the rules below:


規則:當你比人tag左,就要寫一篇note,內含16 項有關你的事情,習慣,喜好,目標....或任何各不相干但有關你的東西。最後tag另外16個人。你必須tag返tag左你的那個人。如果我tag左你,即係我想認識你更深。


If someone tags you, you have to write a note with 16 things about yourself. It can be about some special events that happened to you in your lifetime, your habits, your hobbies or your goals. They don't have to be related to each other but they're all about you. Then, tag another 16 friends and one of them has to be the one who tagged you. If I tag you, it means that I want to know you more.
  1. I really like playing Chinese chess and chess. When I was in high school, I could spent hours playing Chinese chess after school (so you can guess that I didn't get good grades back then). I don't really play Chinese chess anymore because no one plays with me in LA. I do play chess regularly on Facebook though and sometimes can pull off a nice game like this one :)
  2. Playing piano is my another hobby. It feels really good when you can play a song that you love so much and be totally "in" it. It's a good way to ease my stress too! My favorite songs are "Close to You" and "La La La Love Song" from Long Vacation.
  3. Around 10 years ago, I became extremely obsessed in playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) after seeing Jenith's performance in Korean town. I dare not estimate how much money I had spent on this game hahaha... I liked other music games created by Bemani too like Beatmania II DX and Drummania. I still remember that I could brag about passing all the DDR songs with the highest difficulty back then. This is not true anymore as the songs are insanely difficult now :P
  4. I really like reading and learning about new ideas and perspectives. Whenever I read something that gives me new inspiration I'll be very happy :)
  5. Joel Spolsky is the guy who inspired be to start blogging although he doesn't know about it (his writing style is really good, take a look at his blog even if you doesn't work in the software industry). I like sharing good stuff with other people and a blog provides an excellent platform for me to do that.
  6. I'm an extremely logical and practical person (that's why I studied engineering). I care about the results a lot more than the whether the process is "right" or "wrong". Whenever a problem occurs, I focus on finding a solution instead of seeking whom to blame. I hate people who ignore the reality and talk about ideals only.
  7. Materials don't really bring me a lot of pleasure. I don't really care about living in a big nice house in Beverly Hills or driving a Lamborghini. I care a lot more about what I achieve and what good I do to this world.
  8. Perhaps the only material that does bring me great joy is delicious food. I eat all kinds of food: Chinese, Mexican, American, English, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, etc. I think that the food from each country in the world is delicious in its own way.
  9. My eyes are very small. See my Mii image? My eyes are like two horizontal lines.
  10. You may find this weird: I enjoy the feeling of hitting things with my fingertips very much. I guess that's the reason I like playing piano and typing. The Typing of the Dead is one of the greatest games invented since I learned how to touch type through it.
  11. Unless something special happens, I always try to be on time for whatever event/meeting/appointment I need to attend. I think that being late is practically stealing time from other people and time is the most valuable resource a person has.
  12. I hate people who're irresponsible. Because of this, I don't say "yes" easily. When I do say "yes", I really mean it. Promises, no matter big or small, are very important to me. Unless I'm really not able to do it, I always do what I promise to do. If you're interested, see my series "How to be a responsible person".
  13. Someday, I would like to travel around the world and experience the great variety of human cultures. The ironic thing is, I always think that airplane tickets are way overpriced (Man, traveling on an airplane is like paying money for torture).
  14. I really love the movies produced by Pixar. I'm pretty sure that the people who work there are some of the most creative and talented minds in the world. Finding Nemo and WALL•E are both brilliant and my favorite movies.
  15. I'm a web programmer and it's not really related to what I studied in school (electrical engineering). However, I think the job fits me well since I love web technologies and analytical thinking.
  16. I went to Wah Yan College, Kowloon for my high school education and it gave me a lot of happy memories. The fathers were kind, the teachers were great and my classmates were intelligent. Wah Yan gave us a lot of freedom and opportunities to make our own decisions. Whenever I think about it I'm touched because the fathers and teachers had trust in us unconditionally, although we were just a bunch of naughty boys who often made mistakes. Think about it: is there someone who will trust you just because you are you? Not that many I would bet.


  1. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Definitely agree with #8!!

  2. Steven: Hehe yeah! I wish I can travel around the world and try all kinds of different food one day :)


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