Friday, October 1, 2010

A Piece of Love - Ranma ½

Recently listen to some very old cassette types that I recorded long time ago and found this song. Now that I read the Ranma ½ comic books and still find the stories funny, no wonder I love the animation so much when I was young :P


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  2. i meant to ask didn't you listen to the Japanese version broadcasted by ATV ?

    happy to see you back !!!

  3. catcat: The Japanese version of the song? I think the one I posted is in Japanese right? :P But I did watch the Ranma episodes on ATV before hehe.

    Yes I'm back. Hopefully I can post more frequently from now on :)

  4. catcat9:00 PM

    Oh… haha, sorry...

    I mean the opening song “Don’t make me a Shrew” song by Nishio Etsuko ^.^

    ~~ Yappappa – Yappappa – II Shan Ten ~~

  5. catcat: I see. Yeah of course I've listened to the opening song before. I was a super Ranma fans :)


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