Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hugging this Minute (抱擁這分鐘) - Eason

Not until I tried to sing this song did I realize that it's very difficult.. Many portions of the song require you to sustain your voice in a high pitch for a long time (~__~ ) But it's a really good song :)

Updates: There's one line in the lyrics that I like a lot:

You are the one who makes me happiest, but you also are the one who makes me the saddest.

The person whom you love the most is the one who can hurt you the most, isn't that so true?


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    could you please translate the entire song in english???? thanks!!

  2. This is a very quick Google-Translate-assisted translation:

    Forgetting the world at this minute, falling into the cracks in this love
    Lighting the candle, just hug

    To occupy this night sky, grabbing the instant of recogniztion
    The future is like a dream and I do not understand a bit

    Fully understand this is indulgence but only at this moment can I believe
    Afraid that I will finally be outsmarted in the future

    You made me the happiest and you gave me the most painful heartache
    Love in confusion

    You were the one whom I desired most and whom I did not understand
    Who can compromise

    Have once fallen in love with you but in a hurry, there have been too many similar incidents in the past
    Who was in your heart? How could I have guessed

    Have once fallen into the tonight's fire of love
    As if everything has been in harmony
    But I still was afraid to ask for this love to last one minute more

    Say I would love you forever but I was afraid that you still would not believe
    Can never see through

    Say I would just forget this night but I felt the love was already out of control
    Would prefer to continue hugging

    Oh ... hugging ... heartache ...


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