Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My strengths and weaknesses from Facebook friends

Just received an email from Compare People, a Facebook application, which told me what my friends think about my strengths and weaknesses:
Here is what your friends think about...

... your strengths:

most absentee
best travel companion

... your weaknesses:

hardest worker
First of all, I don't see how "most absentee" is a strength. Doesn't it mean someone who like to be absent? I think that I very rarely ditch people if I say that I'll go to a dinner or meeting.

Best travel companion? No way, I always think that I'm a boring person. I may go online and play chess even if I'm at a beautiful tourist place like, Paris? (I'm not even quite sure if Paris is considered beautiful for the people who have traveled to many palces) How can I be a good travel companion?

I'm certainly a lot dumber than those very smart people I've seen such as those 3.9 if not 4.0 schoolmates at UCLA. However, I don't consider "smartness" is my weakness. To be considered a weakness, it has to be below average right? (or perhaps my friends think that I've a below-average IQ :P)

And about hardest worker. Oh man, how can that be my weakness? I don't like people who don't work hard. I admit that I'm quite harsh in this aspect but I always think that people should use their talents and time to do something good to other people, be it something as big as fighting global warming like Gore, or be it something as small as taking the kids next door to have a fun trip in a theme park. Lazy people are just not doing much good to anyone, including themselves.

Probably I should think about why I'm sending this wrong image to my friends...

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