Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Judge me by my accomplishments, not the number of hours I spend at the office."

Hehe nice joke :) That's why the folks at 37signals only work 4 days a week and still accomplish so much more than software companies that are double or triple its size (I think 37signals still has no more than 20 employees).

One major reason why management doesn't like this idea is that they just don't have a reliable and consistent way to measure accomplishments. Yes, if we can't measure accomplishment, this concept won't work.

However, one thing we should be crystal clear is that even if there's no such good measuring method, it doesn't change the fact that accomplishments matter much more than hours. So, the job of management is to figure out a way to measure them instead of denying this fact.

From what I know, at least Best Buy and 37signals figure a way to do this. So, I don't think it's an impossible task :P


  1. hahah! Dilbert! simply the best! His pointy hair boss! hahaha

  2. 小妮: Hehe yeah I read Dilbert's comics everyday. Its stories very often illustrate the common problems of the offices nowadays :P


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