Thursday, August 28, 2008

Would you give me back a Nokia 5190?

Honestly, I start to miss the days when I used Nokia 5190 as my cell phone.

"What? Nokia 5190? Is it similar to to Nokia 5310? Probably a little bit older (5190 is just a bit smaller than 5310) right?"

No no no, I used a Nokia 5190 almost 10 years old. If you're curious, here's how it looks

photo from

"Come on, you must be kidding right? That phone is freaking ugly!"

No, I'm not kidding, I'm serious.

Back in those days, cell phones don't really have any feature:
  • No color screen
  • No email
  • No calendar
  • No web surfing
  • No music
  • No camera
  • No video
  • No Bluetooth
  • No GPS
  • No 3G
Darn it, it almost has nothing! (I almost wanted to say "No Game" but Nokia 5190 has the snake game!) And yet, I can't really recall any unhappy experience about using cell phone back then.

Fast forward to 2008. What do we have now? Wow we have the amazing iPhone! Even 3G! Twice the speed for downloading a file? Awesome!

The thing is, I don't really give a dime.

My primary use of the cell phone is, duh, just to talk on the phone. If you don't do this thing right, even you phone has zillions of super-cool-must-have features on the 5G network, there's no point for me to buy it.

I'm sure you've watched enough ads of "fewest dropped calls" from AT&T and "can you hear me now" from Verizon. Have you thought about why we don't have ads like those in the 90's? That's because we rarely have dropped calls and usually have good signals back then!

Alright, I know the network plays a big role on dropped calls and coverage area. Still, I think that the cell phones we have nowadays perform no better (if not worse) than an ancient Nokia 5190 in terms of the talking experience.

People from Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Siemens and all the other cell phone companies, please listen: if you can build a cell phone with
  • Strong reception (I mean really strong)
  • Good voice quality (so that I don't have to say "Say that again please")
  • Long battery life (I don't want my battery to die in the middle of the day like the iPhone 3G)
  • A phone book (well, I can't remember that many phone numbers)
  • A reasonable size (as big as the Nokia 5190 is okay)
  • A slot for plugging in a hands-free headset (not that I want but it's required by the law)
  • A number pad and all the necessary keys (duh, this is a phone)
I swear I will buy one from you. Take my words.

Alright alright, within a reasonable price too :P

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