Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Funny counterfeit brands

Just saw a lot of counterfeit brands made in China on this page and can't wait to share some of the funny ones that are familiar to the Americans with you :P

All images are from 6park.com


Okay... so it should be okay to use it right?

Sprite (the left one is counterfeit, note the difference
between the first Chinese characters; the one on the left
means "cloud" while the one on the right means "snow")


Three "Oreo"s competing in the Chinese market

Nokla cell phone

Oh, that's IV, so it's IVIKE, not NIKE

Almost forgot the "a" man




adibas... Man how many variations of adidas
do you have?

The cougar has a punk hairstyle for the
Punk brand, that makes sense :P
How did the cougar "evolved" into a bear?

And the bear becomes a tuna for, duh, Tuna

Pama.. Look likes a "pa pa" (dad) cougar?


And last but not least, try our KFG chicken :)

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