Saturday, September 13, 2008

You think that the noises of your motocycle make you look "cool"?

I really hate the loud noises produced by some motorcycles such as those made by Harley-Davidson. Every time one of those noisy monsters goes by the street it will
  • trigger the alarm systems of all the cars
  • shake the windows in my home
  • wake me up from my sleep
What's up with those guys?? Do they really think that the freaking loud noise of their motorcycles make them look cool?? To me, they're nothing more than some stupid teenagers trying to annoy their neighbors with super loud music while they're doing it as a grown adult.

If you like riding motorcycles, no problem, get one that's quiet such as those made by Yamaha. Loud noises only make you an inconsiderable moron instead of "tough" man.

Note: If you're also a victim of noise pollution caused by motorcycles, you may want to read this page at NoiseOFF for more information on this problem.

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