Friday, May 18, 2007

Most of us need at least Two Million Dollars in our lifetimes

I always have little thoughts coming across my minds so I think that it's good for me to start writing another group of posts with the label Little Thoughts. That way I can keep track of what ideas I had and later on I can expand those little thoughts into full posts.

Alright, why should everybody have at least Two Million Dollars? It's just a simple (or perhaps naive) calculation that I thought of:
  • $250,000 for each kid's expenses up till s/he get his/her B.S. degree (22 years old probably). Two kids, that's $500,000 (And you probably will say that $250,000 isn't enough)
  • A house in the Los Angeles area, at least another $500,000 (And $500,000 can't really buy you a decent house these days. See this super nice house in Oakland that costs $349,900)
  • Let's say you and your spouse retire at the age of 65 and die at 85. That's 20 years without any income (well, some pathetic social security incomes if you'll) If you ONLY spend $50,000 a year with your spouse, that's $1,000,000 boy.
And I've not talked about insurances, cars, food, bills, any other shoppings, or the money you may need to support your own parents. What kind of a world is this?? (O___O )

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