Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Firefox Add-on: Image Zoom

If you ever try to use the zoom feature in Firefox (Ctrl and +/- or Ctrl and Scroll mouse wheel down/up), you should notice that any image on the webpage that you're viewing stays at the same size; only the text is affected. The Firefox add-on Image Zoom comes to rescue.

After installing it and restarting Firefox, position your cursor on some image and you can do the following operations:
  • Hold right mouse button + Left mouse button: Image Fit, that is, the image will be adjusted in size so that it fits the window
  • Hold right mouse button + Middle mouse button: Reset the image to the original size
  • Hold right mouse button + Scroll mouse wheel up/down: Increase/decrease the size of the image
You can also right-click the image to bring up the context menu and perform the above operations:

I think that it's easier to use the mouse buttons though. If you don't like the mouse button combinations above, you can change it in the Preferences window:

It would be great if one can zoom in/zoom out all the images on a webpage using the feature releases of Image Zoom (you know, some thumbnails of photo albums are so small that I can't tell if I want to view them or not). Hope that you find this add-on useful :)

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