Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Capital One almost sends me a mail everyday asking me to get their credit cards because I can earn miles through their mileage program. It's like so useful to me as I travel by airplane every 5 years or so. It's annoying, it wastes my time, and it's bad to the environment (for wasting those papers, poor trees).

And I found that there's a number I can call to ask the three credit bureaus to stop giving my information to those credit card companies:

1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-5-678-688)

If you're afraid of giving out your social security number on the phone, you can refer to the following sites for the trustworthiness of the number:
Start saving some trees today!


  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    long time no see ! miss you la ! ^^ just want to say hi for you

  2. How're you Joyee? You're the second friend who ever left a comment on my weblog. Thank you :)

  3. You guys can also opt out by going to the following website:


  4. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Thanks did it on line, thanks for the info.


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