Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yeah I am still pretty busy but I really would like to write this post before continue to deal with my own business.

Recently I feel that the astigmatism of my eyes are getting more and more serious so I decided to see an eye doctor. My primary care physician referred an eye doctor named Steven to me. You know one bad thing about having a HMO plan is that you're pretty limited to whatever your PCP refers you to see. But then PPO is just too expensive for me, so I've to live with it.

The office was actually quite clean and the machines that they used look professional. They were also pretty detailed on measuring my shortsightedness and astigmatism. After doing all those checkups, I asked the doctor how I can prevent my astigmatism from getting worse. I don't even remember what he said in the first time since the answer was very vague. So, when he came in the second time I asked him again

"Doctor, what're the causes of astigmatism?"

If I know the causes and they're something that can be controlled by me, I can certainly prevent the astigmatism from getting more serious right? So I assumed it is a natural question to ask.

However, the doctor seemed pretty irritated, as if my question was a stupid one. (Come on, I'm an idiot in biology) He didn't really say a word but just leaded me to a laptop, selected some movie clips and asked me to watch them myself. And off he went somewhere else, looked like he was in a rush.


I paid to see a doctor, not to see some movie clips. I do admit that the movie clips were pretty good in illustrating what the biological cause of astigmatism are (abnormal shape of the cornea), but that didn't help me! I want to see what I can do/not do to stop it from getting worse, the human causes. And I'm pretty sure I can find out the biological causes through some googling or wikipediaing quickly. If the information can so easily be found on the Web, why the heck do I need to see a professional?

Any "expert" advice from a professional that can easily be obtained through Google is a waste of money and time. Google doesn't charge me a dime and it returns results in less than a second most of the time.

And then I was introduced a "saleswoman" who tried to convince me into doing a LASIK eye surgery with them. Obviously, doing LASIK for their patients is their main cash cow and they'd like you to make the decision the first time you visit them.

No, I didn't say that LASIK is a bad thing. From what I've read and heard, it really can eliminate your shortsightedness and astigmatism. But this is not what I really need! The main purpose of my visit is to stop my astigmatism from getting worse, not that I need to eliminate it since I'm okay with it now. And they assumed that I wanted to get rid of it and the shortsightedness.

I just hate how commercial they turn a clinic into. During my visit there, I didn't really feel that I was cared about, but my money. Come on, if you don't really care your patients' health/feelings but their money (like most of the doctors that I've seen before), at least don't let me feel that you think that way. Otherwise, why do you think that I would give you any business? Or you just assume that I'm a dumbass? (*__* )

I hate to say this but most of the unprofessional people that I've seen are Chinese. I feel so bad about it since I'm a Chinese too (Yeah I was born in Hong Kong, but still I'm a Chinese, I won't deny that fact). If you have heard of all those fake products in mainland China, you would agree that many Chinese people are selfish, greedy and would do whatever (like producing hazardous food products that can potentially kill people) to earn quick cash.

Please, Chinese people, be professional. Respect your job, respect your customers. (-___- )

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