Sunday, November 25, 2007

0.4 second

What can you do in 0.4 second? Three years ago, Derek Fisher made a shot with 0.4 second left in the game and made Lakers beat Spurs miraculously with 74-73.

I remember I was watching the game at Ackerman Union in UCLA with a bunch of Lakers fans. When Tim Duncan made a tough shot and made Spurs lead with 73-72, everyone was silenced. What can one do with 0.4 second anyways? Right at the moment when everybody was giving up and preparing to leave, Derek made the impossible shot! People were cheering and hugging each other like crazy. They decided to review the shot and the crowd was cheering even louder after they saw that the ball did leave Fisher's hand before the clock expired.

It was one of the most excited moments I've ever had in my life. It made me realize that why it feels so good when you fight for the same goal with a team of people and finally achieving it, especially if there're barriers on the road.

Happiness more than doubles when it is shared with people around you :)

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