Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Too good to be true" :P

Just read Daisy's post 中女三級制, she said the following:
我Daisy的確是too good to be true,有誰會相信如此年輕的女子,竟能說出那麼有智慧的話來?
Translated that into English, it means
I'm just too good to be true; who will believe that a young girl like me can say something that's so full of wisdom?
This is one of the most arrogant claims about oneself I've ever head, and yet I just can't help laughing. For some reason I find that it's so entertaining when she says that. Maybe that's because so few girls that I've met are exceedingly confident like her? :P


  1. If a girl said that to you face-to-face, it's likely you would despise her. A lot of men are intimidated by confident women. Sad!!

    Daisy, so many people seem to hate her now... haha. I still think some of the stuff are funny. People need to chill.

  2. Hehe oh I think my post confused you. I was not intimidated by her at all and I don't hate her. Actually, I like her writing very much and think that it's very entertaining! :)

  3. You would never ever meet a girl that would say that in your face, cuz daisy is a fictional character. :)

  4. Hehe yeah I always wonder if there's really a Daisy who works as an lawyer in Hong Kong. Is it really just fictional?

  5. No I wasn't confused. I was just saying, though you may find "her" funny in writing, but if a girl really said that in person, that might be a different story.

    No, there was no "Daisy Wong" registered as lawyer in HK. Some people had looked her up.

  6. Oh so it's a fictitious character.. Yeah I always have doubts about that since most of the bloggers from Hong Kong don't really disclose their identities.. No wonder she has the gut to laugh at people then.. :P

  7. Hehe thanks for posting the links, did not know that so many people have talked about whether her identity is real already.. It would so interesting if there really is a girl like Daisy though :P


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