Sunday, November 4, 2007

Doing things the "right" way

Recently I've a chance to watch some episodes of Desperate Housewives and there's an interesting character called Bree Van De Kamp, who's one of the four housewives.

In the drama, Bree always insist to do things the "right" way: talking in an elegant manner, preparing nice dinner, keeping her home organized, asking her children to behave well, etc. Her obsessions in perfection plays a big part in her tragic family life. She's a classic example of "having a good heart and doing the wrong things".

This makes me think about myself and I realize that I think a lot like her. For examples,
  • I like to use a pair of scissors to cut along the dashed lines of a coupon while other people may just tear it off with bare hands
  • When I adjusted the clock this morning for the end of Daylight Saving Time, I looked at and made sure that my clock was accurate within one second
  • I usually set up meetings with friends using Google Calendar, since it specifies the event time, duration, location and list of guests precisely
Now that I think about a post I wrote before about how people don't like planning, I started to believe that I'm actually the weird one as I think that many people don't do things the "right" way. And probably it's such character that made me study engineering in the first place?

P.S. I can foresee that I'd have a hard time dealing with the chaotic behavior of kids in the future. Hopefully I could learn to cope with it :P


  1. I still have not adjusted all of my clocks and watches yet. hahaha~

  2. Wow so you're going to work one hour late? Just kidding :P


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