Sunday, June 29, 2008

Linked from Tony's blog

When I was browsing people's blogs yesterday, I suddenly noticed that Tony (渣估) put a link to my blog from his blog:

Image from 追揸沽

It may not be anything significant to you, but it's the first time my blog ever get linked from another website! Well, I get a link from Tina's blog too but that's because she's my friend.

Yeah I know Tony has a very long list of links to other people's blogs. Still, it lets me feel that what I write here has a value to others, somewhat.

Thank you Tony! :)


  1. Tony is a very famous blogger, you must feel proud to have a link to your blog on his website.

    btw, I also have a link to ur blog too. My new website is

  2. Rosanna: Yup he's very famous in the blogging world in Hong Kong. I surely feel proud about it.

    Thanks for your link! I'll subscribe to your new blog :)

  3. I think it had been there for a while...

    you can find out who else linked you by go here:

  4. yun: I see.. I can't see Tony's link from Technorati though.. :P

  5. Um, yea I don't know why, some of the blog links don't show up. But mostly they do.


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