Sunday, April 1, 2007

Flying Smiling Face

When I was on my way back home today after lunch, I saw that some aircraft was trying to draw a smiling face with white smoke in the sky. I didn't have a camera with me in my car but I tried to take a picture of it when I got home:

It was that little white circle in the picture. The smiley looks something like this (I now realize that it's so difficult to draw even a simple smiling face with a mouse):

This smiley reminds me of a cartoon character called Umininn that was introduced to the market in 2001:

I really like this cartoon figure because it looks like me as I have very small eyes. My girlfriend always said that my eyes are like two horizontal lines and made fun of me. Well, I think Umininn is pretty cute, so, by deductive reasoning, I'm cute too? That's not too bad :P

I remember I bought a pair Umininn dolls years ago. Not sure how they are doing now?


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Haha.. Umininn looks like you ar...

  2. Hehe so I'm cute too right? :P


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